1. September

Welcome to Kindergarten!

July 15, 2008 by mrwanberg

The first day of school is coming soon, and everyone here is scurrying to get ready.  Here are some things that you as parents can do to get your child on track for the big day.


1.  Your child will need a backpack that is big enough to fit a large folder.  Every afternoon I will send a blue “take home” folder home with your child.  In the left side pocket will be things that need to be returned to school.  In the right pocket will be things that should be kept at home.  As you go through the folder with your child each afternoon, remember to make a big deal about anything that your child created.

2.  There’s no Peirce school uniform!  But don’t send your child in flip-flops.  And a change of clothes in the backpack can be a good idea.

3.  School lunch is free for everyone!  So is breakfast!  If you want meals for your child you don’t have to do anything.  Just send them to school and we’ll feed them– no charge.


1.  If you send your child to school with shoes that tie, please work with your child on how to tie shoes.  I expect that there may be up to 64  shoelaces in our class this year (including my own), and that can seem like a lot.

2.  Do your best (I know it’s hard) to say goodbye at the door on the first day.  If they cry on the first day, it is usually just until they can’t see you.  Then they look around, see friends, and we do something fun.

A few parents have already asked about the Kindergarten supply list, so I have included below pretty much what will appear on the list that is sent home.  Don’t put your child’s name on any of these, or worry too much about having them the first week.  (That’s because there is not always enough space in the classroom to store all of the supplies.)  I collect them all, and distribute the supplies to the various tables as needed.  (I am very proud that last year our Kleenex supply lasted all the way to the end of the year.)

*One ream of copy paper

*Box of 24 “Crayola” brand small Crayons

*Any size bottle of white glue

*1 set of water color paints

*1 box of Kleenex


If you wish to donate additional supplies, any of the following items are always welcome:

* paper towels

* cotton balls

* paper lunch bags

* Ziploc Baggies (large)

* liquid pump soap (small)

* paper plates (any size)

* paper cups (any size)

* hand sanitizer

Some of the themes this month will include:


-Simple Machines (lever, pulley)

-All About Me



September 26, 2019:  Open House (formerly back-to-school night)


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