Song Text: Oh, look who’s here, Puncinella, Puncinella!

Look who’s here, Puncinella from the zoo!

Oh, What can you do, Puncinella, Puncinella?

What can you do, Puncinella from the zoo?

Oh, We can do it too, Puncinella, Puncinella!

We can do it too, Puncinella from the zoo!

Action: Those in the circle walk around Puncinella, gesturing toward him. Hands are not joined. He walks in the opposite direction.
The circle stands and faces Puncinella. Puncinella does his “trick” and the group watches carefully.
Everyone does the “trick” with Puncinella, repeating it until the end of this verse.The circle walks around Puncinella. Puncinella spins, pointing with one hand and holding his other hand over his eyes.

The person to whom he is pointing when he stops spinning is the new Puncinella.

PUNCINELLA: The Italian name for Punch of the Punch and Judy Shows.



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