Pass One Window




Formation: Standing circle with enough space between participants for a person to walk in and out.


The One-who-is-it: The person who walks in and out among the windows (the spaces in the circle). At the end of the third phrase, she stops in front of someone and “jingles at the window” (both roll their hands). She then makes mi-so-do arm signals* on the next two “Tideos” while facing the person in front of her. The two “jingle at the window” again, and then link arms and trade places on the final Tideo. The per­son chosen by the one-who-is-it is the new one-who-is-it.

Song Text:

Pass one window, Tideo. Pass two windows, Tideo. Pass three windows, Tideo.



The one-who-is-it, walks in and out among the windows.


By the end of this phrase, the one-who-­is-it stops in front of the closest person.


On “Jingle at the window,” they (and all the other children) make a twirling motion with their hands.


All make the mi so do’ arm signals for each of the two “Tideos”.


The one-who-is-it and her partner make the twirling motion with their hands on “jingle at the window,” then link arms and turn, trading places on the final “Tideo.”


The other participants also twirl their hands on the last” Jingle at the window.”


The song begins again and the one-who-­is-it joins the circle while her partner becomes the new one-who-is-it.

Jingle at the window, Tideo.
Tideo, Tideo,
Jingle at the window, Tideo.


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