2. October

This month we will be learning about:

-Fall; leaves

-The Family

-The Five Senses

-Community helpers

-Fire safety  (and a visit from “Firefighter Joe”}

-Numbers 1-10


Columbus Day, October 14, 2019


Picture Day, Wednesday, October 23, 2019 will be in the morning.  It is a “dress up” day for the camera, so send your student in whatever attire you would like immortalized on film.  Luckily, our picture time is almost always before lunch, so we will already have had our pictures taken by the time they spill food on their good clothes.

Halloween:  Students will be allowed, if they choose, to bring a costume with them in a bag.  Please don’t send your child wearing the costume, or the whole day gets to be a little too much.  And also, no matter who the character is that your child’s costume represents, please don’t send any weapons that go along with it.  In the afternoon we will put on our costumes and (weather permitting) parade around the track.  If you would be available to help students put on their costumes, or if you would like to donate apple juice boxes that we may be able to enjoy after the parade, please let me know.


One Response to “2. October”

  1. malidza ocampo Says:

    Hi,Mr Wanberg im Malidza Ocampo,Alan’s mom and il will like to donate the 28 apple juice just making sure this will be on wednesday the 31st.Something else that classroom needs it will be nice for me to help out thank you.

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