First of all:  Happy Birthday!

To make a kindergartner’s birthday special, previously, parents would send cupcakes to school.

We won’t be doing that this year.  This year we are part of a Healthy Schools Initiative.  It’s going to require some reflection on our part about the relationship we have with food and how we celebrate.  As an alternative, you and your birthday child could visit a bookstore together and choose a favorite book to donate to our class library.  We can brainstorm some ideas together.  Let me know.  Personally, I’m going to miss the cupcakes, but I’m sure that I’ll be better off without them.

Additionally, in regard to birthday parties outside of school, if there is to be a party that does not include everyone, please don’t pass out invitations at school, or allow your child to discuss the party in class.  Use the school directory to mail or email the invitations.  I would feel terrible if anyone had hurt feelings.

And please consider inviting everybody.  It might just be fun.


One Response to “Birthdays”

  1. Kathleen Ponder Grandmother to Sebastian Says:

    Thank you for all you are doing to make this a great kindergarten experience for Sebastian Ponder Freeman. He loves your class and his parents are thrilled with you, his teacher, and the incredibly stimulating environment you’ve created!
    Kathleen Ponder (Sebastian’s North Carolina Grandma)

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