Happy Summer!

Thank you, Thank you to all of the wonderful kids and families that made this year so special!

Some good news, and some bad news.

The good news: We get to sleep a little bit longer in the morning.

The bad news:  It looks like the pirate took the classroom Pokemon cards.  Arr.

More good news:  I got a letter with some clues about how to find them.

The deal:  You can’t go looking without your parents permission.  Agreed?

OK, the note said that he hid the cards along Clark Street.

He said that the first are under a mailbox.  And the mailbox is in front of a bank.  And the bank is near Summerdale.  That’s all it said, except for a couple more Arrs.  And a mean frowny face.

If you find the cards, get your parent to send a message here, maybe with a picture too.

And check back– you never know when we might get another clue!

Breaking News–

Wesley, Maddox, Marco, Nadir, Owen T, and Sebastian (Marco’s brother) couldn’t be tricked by the pirate and found the Pokemon!








If you have pictures to share, you can send them right to my school email and I’ll put them up here.  That way we can all share our summer fun.

And check back here to see if there are more clues!

Look what I found this morning:







Look who found some cards!

That means there are two left in some regular size G535 book– he didn’t say which…














It looks like this pirate really likes Clark Street.  His final treasure is a tricky one:








It was a very tricky spot, but Owen T. and Samantha found the treasure!



5 Responses to “Happy Summer!”

  1. Tabitha Says:

    Wesley, Maddox, Marco, Nadir, Owen T, and Sebastian (Marco’s brother) couldn’t be tricked by the pirate and found the Pokemon!

    Still trying to figure out how to post a picture!

  2. skjandrews Says:

    We didn’t find any cards – but we did discover this cherry. Is this a clue?


  3. mrwanberg Says:

    Could be a clue!

  4. Sean Andrews Says:

    Owen is on to you, Captain Skipper!


  5. mrwanberg Says:

    Wow– you really tracked those down!

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