Turns Out, It Was a Wonderful Year

Every day, at the end of the morning announcements over the intercom, the principal closes by saying “Have a ____ day.”

We keep track of this, partly because we graph just about everything else anyway, and partly because it’s interesting, and partly because it helps the class pay attention if they are listening for something at the end.  (It was also a daily math lesson in making tally marks and grouping tens.)

It seemed like every student had their favorite kind of day, but by the last day we had a clear winner:  Wonderful.

Have a Wonderful summer too, room 128.



4 Responses to “Turns Out, It Was a Wonderful Year”

  1. Irene Hague Says:

    Thank you, Mr Wanberg, for keeping us informed about our grandchild’s education even though we are so far away. We have enjoyed joining in this year.

  2. cliffhague Says:

    Yes thanks so much for everything – the creative and inspiring approach to teaching and for letting us here in Scotland have these electronic peeps into the day to day life of the classroom.

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