Our First Field Trip

Our first field trip of the year will be on Tuesday, October 15, 2013, to the Field Museum.

We will have parent volunteers coming with us, each of whom will have a group of a few students to keep track of as we make our way through the museum.  We have tickets to an “Underground Adventure,” and our lunch time will be at 11:30, but other than that we will have some time to pursue individual interests.

Please keep in mind for field trip days:

We start our day just like a regular school day.  We still wear the school uniform.  We still meet outside of door #6 at 7:55.  We still have breakfast, write in our journals, and have our morning meeting.  (We won’t get on the bus until around 9:00, so parents who are joining us, you have some time to relax in the lobby, or get some coffee.)

We want to be in the habit this year of sending the backpack and blue folder every day– no matter what.  Even field trip days, even the very last day of the school year.

What will be different for some students is that they will need to bring a disposable lunch.  (I did send home some personalized lunch bags as a reminder.)

When we return to school, we actually have some work to do, so we will say goodbye and thank you to the parents outside, and get back to work.  We will be ready for dismissal at door #6 at 2:59 pm as always.

Parents who are coming with us:  Thank you! We can’t do fun trips without your help.  Thanks.


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